New Band / Shows coming

So I was lucky enough to be asked to join a rockin band! Practices have begun. Hopefully gigs will be soon. No name as of yet. More to come! Watch for us.

Song on Holiday Album

Happy to report that my original song “It’s Christmas” was chosen to be on W.S.T.W’s 2014 Holiday CD titled Midnight Clear. The song was produced in Nashville by Jackie Cooke and features my two Granddaughters Kaylee and Brenna Harston singing the chorus.
“Midnight Clear: The 2014 Hometown Heroes Holiday Album represents some of the finest musicians in the Delaware Valley, all of whom generously donated their time, talents, and recordings to create this fantastic new album. And every bit of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Toys for Tots, a wonderful organization that gives toys to underprivileged children at the holidays”
Please give a listen and perhaps buy the CD.  Help some kids out!
Full album:
“It’s Christmas”:
“Remember those who have gone, love those that are here”

New Cover... New Video

Have been recording and mixing a bunch of cover songs so "the band" can practice by themselves. my latest is a Conway Twitty hit: It's Only Make Believe". Of course I added some Beatles/Everly Brothers harmonies to make it my own.

Also here is a video of some guy saying my name over and over.

Wow it's been 5 months?

Five months since my last post? Wow. 
I have been busy musically. Recorded my version of a few cover songs including Norwegian Wood where I play a Dulcimer and The Beatles rocker Hold Me Tight. All just for fun.
Playing in a local band here in the neighborhood as well as joining a Dulcimer group. Again, nothing serious just fun stuff to keep me amused.
A record cut is “pending” more later. 

New Video/song: Dancing....Featuring my Mom & Dad

Second verse same as the first

New versions of old songs!

I Do Video

Two New Songs

Check out my latest two songs fresh out of the studio. Both will be on my upcoming CD expected to be released late fall 2013.

“Rosie, Rosie Rosie”  features Johnny Neel, formally of the Allman Brothers on Hammond B-3 along with three other Wilmington DE natives: Rich, Nick and Al.

Coochie Coo is just a fun song.

Back in a studio!

It's been a while! Heading back into the studio with some new music. Maybe even a new CD by Christmas. Look for some surprises in the upcoming weeks.

Bought a Dulcimer

So a few weeks ago  I heard a lady playing a dulcimer at a craft fair.  I liked the sound. That night on Craig’s list and there was a dulcimer for sale right down the street from me. God wanted me to have a dulcimer!  So I bought it!  Wrote my first song with it. “India Love”.  There ya go!

Sad... Last time 2LT played

Uploaded to YouTube on Aug 13, 2011

Tragic events hit this band of baby boomers, causing the area's up and coming original band to end it's short run. Dark lighting fits their mood that night in the small room where they always practiced for their concerts. The next day drummer John Marnie moved from Jersey to Florida after hearing the news of the band's founder, John Daubert, (piano) having to end the band from having chronic Tinnitus and Hyperacousis. Iggy Taylor, (singer/songwriter for this song on the other keys),was dealing with his wife's brain aneurysm. Dennis Rooney (guitar), was dealing with his wife's terminal cancer, passing away a week later. Bruce "Doc" Bandford, (bass) was suffering from chronic pain requiring a hip replacement. It was a great time for all of us and the video captures our love for music and playing.

"Too Little Time" wishes to thank all the people that came out and helped us enjoy those times! We hope you enjoyed them as well. Thank You!


Little Darling, It's been a long cold lonely winter

Done wrote and recorded three songs in two months.

Playing out

Tonight was the first time since her aneurism that my wife was able to see me play live. It was over 40 years ago when I looked out into an audience and saw Linda’s big brown eyes looking back at me. Life is a circle.

Is this finished now???


Addition to New tattoo

Second installment on my disfigurement.


New Tattoo





New Song!

My wife, Linda, suffered an aneurism September 7, 2009. After 2 ½ years in a nursing/rehab facility she will be finally coming home to live. We are looking at a target date of 3/1/12. This song, I Do, is my promise to her. So much has changed in the past two years, yet I am optimistic that everything happens for a reason. My thanks to Johnny Daubert and Mike Caro of Sub Studios, Staten Island NY, for all their help and hard work in the production of this song. They're the best! And of course my thanks to all our friends and family who are our life.

Video: Song Only:

All Things Must Pass

The drummer moved to a warmer climate, the leaders ears are shot and I move further away for a job that evantually lays me off. Events that now lead to Too Little Time being only a memory. A very good one though!

New CD

Look for "All Alone" coming soon

Hammond Organ!

Sold it. Too friggin heavy!

Hammond Organ!

Got one for stage. It was meant to be.

The CD "Live Too Little Time"

Our CD, Too Little Time Live is done and will be on sale soon. Check back for details. At ten bucks for 16 songs, it's a steal. 2LT will be playing at Hockessin's 4th of July parade. Check our site for more details!

"Live Too Little Time"

"Colored Glass and Tears" a song recorded live at Too Little Time's concert on 2/9/08 is now available for your listening pleasure.

"2LT Wins Award

The listeners of Delaware's Rock station WSTW has voted Too Little Time  the Best Rock and Roll Band Over 50!...Thankyou!

Hits They Missed News


New Cut

Iggy's song My Turn This Time has been chosen to be included on the latest CD, Hits They Missed. Executive producer Luanne Hunt and producers Sean Gasaway and John Bass chose ten inspirational songs recently submitted to a popular TV talent show. A portion of the proceeds from the CD will benefit The Oakland School for the Arts in Oakland, CA.

For more information or to purchase the CD please visit:


For all you JPF’ers , Check out 2LT’s first ever video. Just for you!

Another Song Finished

A while back, I received a phone call from my Great Aunt Anna. She was 98 at the time and wanted to say she had just heard me on the radio. She said how very, very proud she was of me. Wow, saying you’re proud of someone is usually reserved for parents and maybe a spouse. I was 52 years old and felt like somebody’s little kid again. “I Sit Alone” was written as a result of that phone call. Tossing aside all rules on structure and marketability, I just played and sung what was coming into (or out of) my brain. The sudden realization, that no longer having any brothers and sisters and losing both my parents I was so very alone, an orphan, no longer anybody’s child. Fortunately for me I was not “Alone” when it came time to record the song. My thanks to Mike (Sub) Caro who single handedly produced the track along with my brother from another mother, John Daubert, who added the harmonies.

Second 2LT Song Finished

Check out Too Little Time's second recorded song "It's You". Satisfaction Guaranteed

Back to the studio

Back at Subs in Staten Island recording "It's You"

We're Done!

“Too Little Time” has just completed our first single. I Don’t Want To Be Famous can be heard at:

In The Studio!

Too Little Time is currently recording at Sub’s studio in Staten Island. Great things are about to happen.

Benefit Concert Raises Over $10,000

The members of Too Little Time want to express their thanks to all those involved in making “Team Hanifin’s” concert for cancer awareness a success.

"Upcoming Gig"

Team Hanifin's Benefit Concert to support Breast cancer: Sunday September 10th, 2006 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM: Abington Art Center, Meetinghouse Road, Jenkintown, PA. “Too Little Time” is expected to take the stage around 3:30 PM Admission $10 Adults, $5 Children

"Too Little Time"

Iggy has joined the band “Too Little Time”. Featuring all original songs, the members promise to deliver great music. More to come.


A rain soaked Tuesday, July 4th, 2006, 250 “Bad Betsy” kazoos were tossed from a DeLorean to the kazooless children of Hockessin. Music! You gotta start somewhere!

Featured on WSTW

Just in time for summer.  Check out Kathy and my latest single A Day at the Beach Mark Rogers of WSTW was kind enough to give it some airplay last week. Also check out a new updated version of Colored Glass and Tears  featuring Delaware's own Mario Rocco on vocals. It'll make ya cry.


Enjoying the not so sunny side of Southern California. Alot of stuff going on. Check back for updates.

Still Doin My Thang

Check out the latest Bampfield/Taylor demo under Nashville music. A rockin little ditty about taking time for yourself. Posted a few new pictures as well. The past few weeks I’ve been in and out of the studio re-working some songs for a publisher in Nashville and playing with my dog.

Off to LA

I’ll be wandering the streets of LA next week. If you see me, buy me a beer.

Bye Bye Johnny B

Here’s wishing my friend Johnny B, formally of W.S.T.W., much success as he relocates to Texas. Your support of the Bad Betsy dream and me is very much appreciated

New song up. Check it out.

Check out "Hear Me Lord" in the Nashville section of my music. A bit of a departure for me.

Iggy's Music in a Movie! Information

The video premiers Saturday Night, September 17th. For more info check out the web site at:

Iggy's Music in a Movie!

Just licensed three of my songs to be used in the upcoming movie "This Way Out" Watch for more info.

Back from the west coast...again

Man I'm tired!

- New BEER song

Hey Rule #1 Write about what you know. Check out "I'll Be Your Bud (If you buy me a beer". Everything's true!...sssh

New TNT song

Check out the latest creation from Tallent & Taylor at:

Off to LA

Be back soon

New web site! What's up!

Well, hopefully, this new web page is working and pleasing to your eye. Kathy, let me know if it's not. :) Check back, often, for new songs and "Betsy" activities.

Back from Nashville

Back from a week in the music capital of the world!

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