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  1. Thirteen

From the recording Thirteen

I wrote / recorded this song back in June 2018. After listening to it, I felt a slower acoustic version would sound better. So here ya go.


Music & Lyrics: J. Taylor
(c) 2018 Bad Betsy A.S.C.A.P.

Verse 1
I was alone Living on my own
Then I spotted you
I never thought I’d get a second chance
But you changed all that

I was so afraid I was so afraid

Would you ever think at this stage of my life I’d feel this way?
Like a teenage boy on his first date.  
You, made me feel like I was  thirteen.

Verse 2
I drove you home  Stood there like a stone
Wondering what I should do.
I wanted to See it through
But I couldn’t move.

I was in a trance Scared to take a chance.

Repeat Chorus



Repeat Chorus