From the recording Don't Cry for Me


Please Don’t Cry for Me
When I die
And you stand at my grave
You’ll say things you wanted to say
Tears are good they wash away pain
Night time comes to bring a new day

But I lived
And I’ll die
Teaching you
How to simply survive
And I loved
How I dreamed
Life was good
So please don’t cry for me

Remember me
On those special days
Loving you in every way
Passing time with silly things
Enjoying life and all that it brings

How I lived
What I did
Was everything
It’s all I had to give
And I tried
To make things right
So please don’t cry for me

I’ll never be far from you
I’ll always be a part of you
When you see a shooting star
Think of me

So I lived
And I’ll die
The in between
Was just a blink of an eye
So take care
Don’t be scared
The world moves on
So please don’t cry for me